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Tutti Cooling Towel For Athletes- Instant Relief With Unique Dual Layered Fabric Technology 36in x 11in

  • KEEP COOL: Tutti's dual-layered cooling towel will Protect Your Skin With a UPF 50 and keep you feeling cool even during the most intense of workouts. Size: 36in x 11 in
  • SWEAT AWAY: Perfect for sports, gym, yoga, cross fit, the beach, running, the lot. If you're going to be sweating, we've got your back with our new towel range
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Just WET the towel, SQUEEZE out the excess water, SHAKE to activate the evaporative cooling thermodynamics, then feel COOL to 59 F
  • SPORTS & WORKOUT ESSENTIAL: Whether you're out at the beach, having a game of golf, playing tennis or on the run, this is the towel for you. Includes water resistant pouch.
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  • Tutti Cooling Towel For Athletes
    Tutti Cooling Towel For Athletes
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